Book Title Author
A Brief History of the Czech Lands Petr Cornej & Jiri Pokorny
A Concise History of Bulgaria R.J. Crampton
A Concise History of France Roger Price
A History of Armenia Vahan M Kurjian
A History of France from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of Versailles William Stearns Davis
A History of Medieval Europe R.H.C. Davis
A history of medieval Spain J.F. O’Callaghan
A History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire A.R. Disney
A Synopsis of Byzantine History 811-1057 John Skylitzes
Aetius: Attila’s nemesis Ian Hughes
Alexander The Great And The Hellenistic Age Peter Green
Ancient Greece: from prehistoric to hellenistic Thomas R Martin
Angevin Empire John Gillingham
Armenian Cilicia John Armenia
Battles of the medieval world: 1000-1500: from Hastings to Constantinople Kelly Devries
Byzantium: v. 2: The Apogee John Julius Norwich
Byzantiun and the Crusades Jonathan Harris
Byzanz- Gescichte des ostromischen Reiches Ralph-JohannesLilie
Central Middle Ages: Europe 950-1320 Daniel Power
Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada Washington Irvine
Chronicle of the Kings of England William of Malmesbury
Chronicles of the First Crusade: 1096-1099 Various
Cilician Kingdom of armenia T.S.R. Boarse
City of Fortune Roger Crowley
Constantine the Great: the man and his times Michael Grant
Constantine the Great: Warlord of Rome Elizabeth James
Crusades: the war for the Holy Land Thomas Asbridge
Das Millennium (Geo Epoche, Nr 1)
Das Mittelalter (Geo Epoche, Nr 2)
Die Germanen (Geo Epoche, Nr 34)
Die Geschichte Europas Dietrich Schwanitz
Die Kreuzzuge Peter Thorau
Die Kreuzzuge (Geo Epoche, Nr 59)
Die Welt im Jahr 1000 (Geo Epoche, Nr 35)
Die Wikinger (Geo Epoche, Nr 53)
Early medieval Europe 300-1000 Roger Collins
Empires of the Sea Roger Crowley
Fall of the Roman Empire Peter Heather
First Crusade: the call from the East Peter Frankopan
Four Days in September Jason R Abdale
Fourteen Byzantine Rulers Michael Psellus
France in the making 843-1180 Jean Dunbabin
France in the middle ages 987-1460 Georges Duby
France in the middle ages, 987-1460, From Hugh capet to Joan of arc Georges Duby
Franks Edward James
GEO Epoche Karl der Gosse: und das Reich der Deutschen 800 – 1806 Geo Epoche magaizine
Germany in the Early Middle Ages 476-1250 William Stubbs
Gescichte der Sachsen Gustav Niemetz
Hannibal Serge Lancel
Huns E.A. Thompson
In Search of England Michael Wood
In Search of the Dark Ages Michael Wood
Islam’s war against the Crusaders W.B. Bartlett
Jerusalem: the biography Simon Sebag Montefiore
Kaiser, Riter, Hanse (Geo Epoche, Nr 25)
Marathon: how one battle changed Western civilisation Richard Billow
Medieval Europe 400-1500 H.G. Koenigsberger
Millennium Tom Holland
Moorish Spain Richard Fletcher
O City of Byzantium Niketas Choniates
On the Ruin of Britain and the History of the Britons Gildas
Oxford illustrated history of Italy George Holmes
Persian Empire – A History Lindsay Allen
Persian fire: the first world empire and the battle for the West Tom Holland
Plantagenets: the kings who made England Dan Jones
Poitiers AD 732 David Nicolle
Punic wars 264-146 BC Nigel Bagnall
Romano-Byzantine armies 4th-9th centuries David Nicolle
Rome’s greatest defeat: massacre in the Teutoburg Forest Adrian Murdoch
Saladin: leadership strategy conflict David Nicolle
Saladin: The politics of the holy war M.C. Lyons
Southeasterrn Europe in the Middle Ages 500-1250 Florin Curta
Spain in the middle ages, From frontier to empire, 1000-1500 Angus MacKay
The Bad Popes Russel Chamberlin
The Battle of Lechfeld and Its Aftermath Charles R Bowlus
The Birth of Europe in the Middle Ages Jacques Le Goff
The Black Sea Charles king
The Cambridge illustrated history of France Colin Jones
The Christian Recovery of Spain Henry Edward Watts
The Crusades Thomas Ashbridge
The Ecclestiastical History of the English People Bede
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World Edward Creasy
The Formation of Christendom Judith Herrin
The Holy Roman Empire Bryce
The inheritance of Rome: a history of Europe from 400 to 1000 Chris Wickham
The Making of Europe Robert Bartlett
The making of medieval Spain Gabriel Jackson
The Middle Sea John Julius Norwich
The Normans David Nicolle
The Normans in the South 1016-1130 John Julius Norwich
The Oxford History of Britain Kenneth O Morgan
The Penguin History of the World J.M. Roberts
The popes, a history John Julius Norwich
The Second Crusade 1148: disaster outside Damascus David Nicolle
The Two Cities- Medieval Europe 1050-1320 Malcolm Barber
The war of the three gods: Romans Persians and the rise of Islam Peter Crawford
Vanished Kingdoms Norman Davies
Venedig 810-1900 (Geo Epoche, Nr 28)
Warriors of the dark ages Jennifer Laing

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  1. Thank you for your podcast. I enjoyed especially your work on the Iberian peninsula and the Cathars.

  2. Thank you very much for the very entertaining podcasts. I am currently working my way through them (about halfway through) and am enjoying every minute. Well done!!

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