Political Map of Spain in 1035

Political Map of Spain in 1035

The Rivers of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Rivers of the Iberian Peninsula


Byzantine Empire c1071, Time of Battle of Manzikert

ByzantineEmpire 1071


Italy in 1000 AD



The early medieval Balkans

The early Medieval Balkans


Britain in period leading up to Battle of Brunanbuhr

North_Britain_early_tenth_century Britain_886British_kingdoms_c_800


Umayyad Caliphate, 750 AD

Umayyad-Empire, 750 AD

Second Punic War


Achaemenid Empire
Achaemenid Empire

Map of Ancient Greece
Map of Ancient Greece

Europe, physical features and 2014 borders
Europe, Physical Geography

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  1. Carl, I would like thank you for your wonderful podcasts. I always enough listening to them whenever I am working or relaxing. I was wondering whether you will make any podcasts about the medieval kingdom of Kyivan Rus?

  2. Thanks Vitaliy. The history of Eastern Europe will be more prominent in the second half of the series and yes, I do plan an episode on Kyivan Rus. I lived two years in Russia, so am particularly looking forward to researching the history of the region

  3. Carl, these are great and I just finished binge watching everything you’ve made so far. I have a question though do you plan on making a podcast about the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) in 1410?

  4. Hi Andrew, Yes Grunwald/Tannenberg is a definite on the future list. Is there a particular aspect of it that interests you? By the way, if anyone has suggestions for subjects of Scandinavian history, esp. before the Thirty Years War, I’d be very interested. Carl

  5. Carl,

    Thanks so much for these podcasts, they’re extremely well researched and interesting.

    I love the extensive coverage of all Europe, not just Western Europe; a history I know very little about.

    The maps are fantastically interesting

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