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Constantinople 1204 (Fourth Crusade), Part 2

When crusaders arrived at Constantinople in 1203 they gazed in wonder, having never imagined that there could be so fine a place in the world. The ‘Queen of Cities’, founded by Constantine The Great in the early fourth century, had become imbued over the centuries with legends and Christian myths that gave the place a spiritual aura to match its physical grandeur. Yet in 1204 the city would be violently sacked and the once mighty Empire brought to its knees.

The Capture of Constantinople 1204, Tintoretto

Painting by Tintoretto (16th century)

Constantinople 1204 (Fourth Crusade), Part 1

In the year 1204, Constantinople, the largest and most splendid city by far in Europe was sacked, not by Muslims abut by fellow Christians – not only sacked but gutted by fire and indiscriminate violence.  Part 1 describes the build-up and first steps of the crusade, including a history of early Venice.

Modern day Zadar (formerly Zara) in Croatia:zadar

Medieval Venice (Flemish Tapestry) MedievelVenice(Flemish Tapestry)