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Podcast Break

Unfortunately today I have some bad news. I have recently been diagnosed with a benign brain tumour which must be operated on soon. Naturally I must therefore take a break from the podcast for a number of months in order to recover. Rio Salado is therefore the last podcast for at least three months.
I will try to keep you updated but make no promises. I do, however, look forward to getting back to the show when fully recovered to cover plenty more battles.

Forthcoming Episodes

11. Battle of Kleidion, 1014
 РA strong Bulgarian kingdom clashes with the Byzantines

12. Battle of Civitate, 1053 – History of Italy from the Fall of the Roman Empire up until the take-over of the southern half of the peninsula by the Normans

13. Battle of Hastings, 1066 – The Normans invade England

14. Battle of Manzikert, 1071 – A new arrived people, the Turks, inflict defeat upon a Byzantine Empire beset with internal strife

15. Battle of Jerusalem, 1099 – The incredible story of the First Crusade

16. Battle of Hattin, 1187 РThe story of the first century of the crusader states in the Middle East

17. The Third Crusade РConfrontation between two of the most heroic warriors of the age РRichard the Lionheart and Saladin

18. Siege of Constantinople, 1204 РIn the Fourth Crusade, the holy warriors end up attacking fellow Christians

19. Battle of Chateau Gaillard, 1203-1204 – France takes the first step to becoming a great power

20. Battle of Bovines, 1214 РPhilip Augustus of France defeats both King John of England and Emperor Otto IV

21. Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212 РA key victory for the Christians in Spain against the Moors

22. Battle of Muret, 1213 – The Albigensian Crusade, a crusade against heresy in southern France, pulls in the King of Aragon

23. Battle of the Kalka River, 1223 – Genghis Khan’s Mongols invade Russia