Forthcoming Episodes

11. Battle of Kleidion, 1014
 – A strong Bulgarian kingdom clashes with the Byzantines

12. Battle of Civitate, 1053 – History of Italy from the Fall of the Roman Empire up until the take-over of the southern half of the peninsula by the Normans

13. Battle of Hastings, 1066 – The Normans invade England

14. Battle of Manzikert, 1071 – A new arrived people, the Turks, inflict defeat upon a Byzantine Empire beset with internal strife

15. Battle of Jerusalem, 1099 – The incredible story of the First Crusade

16. Battle of Hattin, 1187 – The story of the first century of the crusader states in the Middle East

17. The Third Crusade – Confrontation between two of the most heroic warriors of the age – Richard the Lionheart and Saladin

18. Siege of Constantinople, 1204 – In the Fourth Crusade, the holy warriors end up attacking fellow Christians

19. Battle of Chateau Gaillard, 1203-1204 – France takes the first step to becoming a great power

20. Battle of Bovines, 1214 – Philip Augustus of France defeats both King John of England and Emperor Otto IV

21. Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212 – A key victory for the Christians in Spain against the Moors

22. Battle of Muret, 1213 – The Albigensian Crusade, a crusade against heresy in southern France, pulls in the King of Aragon

23. Battle of the Kalka River, 1223 – Genghis Khan’s Mongols invade Russia

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