Podcast Break

Unfortunately today I have some bad news. I have recently been diagnosed with a benign brain tumour which must be operated on soon. Naturally I must therefore take a break from the podcast for a number of months in order to recover. Rio Salado is therefore the last podcast for at least three months.
I will try to keep you updated but make no promises. I do, however, look forward to getting back to the show when fully recovered to cover plenty more battles.

7 thoughts on “Podcast Break”

  1. Just read this. Have been listening avidly to your podcasts. I hope you are well and recovering Carl. Your website and podcasts are work of a very high quality.

  2. Hey Carl sorry to hear this, that not easy to go though, shall keep you in our thoughts. You do a great job on these stories so hang in their mate I’m keen to hear more of what you have to tell us.
    Hoo Roo for now

  3. Take all the time you need to rest and recover, friend. we’ll keep you in our thoughts, and of course we’ll all be there to welcome you back whenever you’re ready to give us more of your wonderful podcast. looking forward to it, but mostly to knowing you’re well and out of harm’s way.

    best wishes,


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