Battle of Brunanbuhr, Part 3

In AD 937 took place ‘the Great Battle’ of early medieval Britain, a time when the political and cultural map of the isles was forming, which still exists today. The King of Wessex, Athelstan, grandson of Kin g Alfred the Great, was forced to confront an alliance of Scots, Vikings and northern Britons in his attempt to become King of all Britain (also see maps page)

2 thoughts on “Battle of Brunanbuhr, Part 3”

  1. You asked for feedback: keep doing what you’re doing, and what seems good to you. You’re a natural. This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. I’m as pleased when I see there’s a new episode up as when one from Mike Duncan (History of Rome, Revolutions) or a Hardcore History appears.

    Most podcasts I listen to while I’m active, working or what have you, but this one I find perfect for winding down after a long day. Quiet time, when u can relax and focus. Thanks for that.

    (I gave an iTunes review back in February, which still stands, though if I wrote it now my praise would be even greater).

  2. This is a fantastic series. It has given me new understandings of European/Western history. The world is a more explicable place.

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