4 thoughts on “Battle of Civitate, 1053 AD, Part 3”

  1. Keep the name. It’s not a misnomer at all. It’s a history of europe with the important battles as touchstones. Besides, brand recognition is important. Changing halfway through is likely to lose more listeners than you’d gain.

  2. Great podcast. I await each episode with warm anticipation.
    I can see how the battle bit has been reduced in favour of more politics and characters but like it that way. Certainly agree with the last contributor that you shouldn’t change now.
    I have donated. Keep up the good work.

  3. A massive thanks Fraser for the donation and the comments. Following feedback I’ll keep things as they are

    1. Agree with the above and the intrigue and social factors make for a great listen
      The podcast is fantastic and I genuinely look forward to each new episode update

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