Battle of Tours, 732 AD

The Franks of Charles Martel vs Islamic Umayyad Caliphate.
From the mid seventh century the Muslim armies conquered lands from Spain to Persia forming a powerful new world empire. In 732 AD a large Muslim raiding party in southern France was confronted by the leader of the Franks, a Germanic people who over the previous couple of centuries had take control of the area of modern day France. This is the story of the great battle that ensued.

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  1. Once again I am pressed to tell you thank you and how much I am blessed to have your work to listen to. I’m broke – it’s good enough I can get online and you so deserve donations & support for making this accessible to all. I hope you are ok and doing well Im 58 and there’s not a huge likelood I will find work and even if I did I would rather a young lady or young man with a wife and children get any job I was offered. Enough about me except to say they are ruining the Australian economy… oh dear what else is new: this! Your delightful, calm, factual podcasts and your unique speaking style which has rubbed off on me a bit. I speak better now for having been exposed to how you manage to impart a lot in a nice direct and even as in pleasantly matter of fact way. I’m writing a lot… in case others who should or could write have not gotten to it – I;m sure I speak for many. Thanks again, cheers, hillary

  2. Listened again to this one because of recent studies bringing more into graphic focus. Imagine how the Jews if their day united with Islam against the Byzantines. Hmm. I am learning a lot about human bloody conflict and particularly intrigued how the Pyrenees Mtn were a focal area in the physical advance of Islam – I wonder about ISIS. If it unites with many immigrated Islamists & travels north- is this how they will travel? Will the ‘Money Powers’ help them gain control of certain places, again?

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement Hillary. I am very interested to know what most my listeners enjoyed or any comments in general. I believe a knowledge of conflicts of the past can help us understand today’s volatile world such as the current problems in Ukraine and the Middle East, so can be useful as well as interesting

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