Battle of Yarmouk, Part 1

In the 620’s the Eastern Roman Empire faced several threats, most notably the Persian Empire. Part 1 focuses on the conflict between Constantinople and Persia. This provides the context for the Rise of Islam in the 630’s leading to the decisive Battle of Yarmouk in 636 AD between the Roman Emperor Heraclius and the Arab invaders.

2 thoughts on “Battle of Yarmouk, Part 1”

  1. One of your strengths is definitely the background info you share before you cover a battle itself. It really helps a listener understand the wider conflict within which the battle took place. Again, keep up the good work! I look forward to each new episode.

    1. Yes, good point- and I look forward for each new one too, though, because of the rich content, ( unfettered by noisey chitchat ) and the lovely quality of Carl’s steady unpretentious voice, I’m enjoying going to the beginning and listening thru again.

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