Hundred Years War Intro Part 1

Background to The Hundred Years War (1337-1453)
In the late thirteenth century and early fourteenth century the economy and population of France flourishes. The Kings of England try and hold on to the Duchy of Acquitaine from the Kings of France. The Papacy moved to Avignon.

Picture: Homage of King Edward I of England (kneeling) to Philip IV (seated). As Duke of Aquitaine, Edward was a vassal to the French king. Painting made in 15th century.Hommage of Edward I to Philippe Le Bel

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  1. Your podcast has transformed my life! It is a truly spectacular account of European history and has been a great way for me to put everything in context and I hope to use that context to begin learning all I can about why Europe today is the way it is.

    Could you write something about yourself? I and everyone else I’m sure would love to know more about the man behind the podcast!

    1. Many thanks John. If I may I’ll quote your comment in the next regular episode and say a couple of words about myself. Thanks, Carl

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