End of the Hundred Years War 1449-1453

A recent guest episode for the History of England podcast on the End of the Hundred Years War, in brief the years after Agincourt 1415, but focusing on the last four years from 1449-1453 and the Battles of Formigny and Castillon. In England the victories at Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers are well known, but less so,  the events around the end of the war, and how the French eventually drove the English from all the continent, except for Calais.   Battles of Formigny and Castillon

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Painting depicting the Battle of Castillon (1453) by the French painter Charles-Philippe Larivière (1798–1876). John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury is falling from his wounded horse


Maps courtesy of http://xenophongroup.com

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