Las Navas de Tolosa 1212, Part 1

Before 1085 in Spain there was little question that it was the Muslims who had the upper hand in the balance of power. But after King Alfonso VI captured the city of Toledo in 1085, the Christians became much more confident and threatened to rapidly take over the whole peninsula. Why this didn’t happen can be explained for two reasons – firstly, the infighting between Christian rulers, and secondly, the influx of Muslim peoples from north Africa, firstly the Almoravids

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  1. I don’t like the new player. No direct download link? Makes it much less practical to listen to the episodes on my phone without wifi.

  2. Thanks for the comment Erik. I have made the latest episodes available in the old feed. They can also be downloaded from the site but I’ll see if there’s a way to get a direct download link. Carl

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